Pink Himalayan Salt Foot Scrub

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This Himalayansalt foot scrub is completely organic.

The ingredients in this salt scrub are:

* 100% naturally pure coarse Pink Himalayan Salt

* Organic unrefined virgin Coconut Oil

* Lavender essential oil 

The scrub scrub comes in a lovely round air tight glass jar that can be repurposed for many things once it is empty.

Included is a cute little 3 1/2 inch wooden spoon to dip out the desired amount of scrub you wish to use.

Jute rope is tied around the jar in a bow, with the spoon tucked into the rope.

It is recommended that the jar remains closed when not in use to retain quality and to avoid water entering.

It contains 6 oz. of firmly packed body scrub

The salt is coarsely ground for a deeper intense exfoliation. Therefore, it is a little more abrasive than finely ground salt.

Salt scrubs provide many benefits for your skin: 

* It detoxifies due to the minerals in the salt

* Removes dead skin cells

* Promotes blood circulation

* Makes the skin glow

* Helps maintain ph balance

Use with caution:

If you have any cuts or abrasions, as the salt will sting.

It is recommended that salt scrub should not be used more than 2 or 3 times a week.

The coarseness may not be suitable for sensitive skin types.


Height: 4 inches

Width: 3 1/4 inches