Agarwood Men's Organic Soap

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Men's organic handmade soap is a great gift idea for Christmas.

Natural soaps are free of harsh chemicals and preservatives, smooth rough dry skin, and help keep skin in peak condition.

Soap ingredients:

* Goats Milk soap base

* Hemp oil

* Shea Butter

* Agarwood essential oil        

Agarwood essential has a earthy masculine aroma and has many benefits:

* Inspires strength and clarity

* Soothes stress

* Eases muscle spasms

* Powerful aphrodisiac

* And much more

The soap also provides a rich lather.

Each bar weighs approximately 2.5 to 3 ounces.

The soap comes in different shapes and has a "Barber Shop" type theme (see photos)

We can also present it "ready to give" in a gift bag or box.

***Use Caution: Due to the natural oils in the soap, the tub or shower may become slippery.