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Are you looking for a wonderful gift idea for someone who loves to cook?

Do you have a "Chef" in your life that enjoys having more to add to their cooking collection?

This would be a great gift for that "Chef" or a great way to treat yourself.

It contains many of the basic items needed to "whip-up" something yummy.

The set includes:

* 1 16 oz. (2 cup) (500 ml) Anchor Hocking glass measuring cup

* 5 silicon mini cooking utensils ( color lime green )

        - ladle





* Measuring spoons (standard) ( color black )

* Linen dish towel. The dish towel features a chefs hat with the phrase " love Cooking " underneath the hat. It has miniature chef hats throughout the cloth. 

The utensils, measuring spoons, and the linen dish towel are all neatly arranged inside of the measuring cup and filled with basket filler.

The set is accented with lovely little spring faux flowers.

It is wrapped in clear cellophane gift wrap with a beautiful green and white gingham bow.

This set would be an awesome choice for:

* Birthday

* Mother's Day

* Housewarming

* Wedding

* Anniversary

* Thinking of You

Just to name a few. 

The mini utensils are perfect for when you don't need a large utensil for the task you're doing. in the kitchen.

They are wonderful for that "junior chef" learning to cook.


   Height: 16 inches (including height of cellophane wrap)

   Width: 6 1/2 inches

Care instructions: Measuring cup and utensils are dishwasher safe. 

                             Dish towel: Machine wash and dry