Christmas Sugar Body Scrubs Gift Set

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Wonderful Christmas gift idea for "someone special" on your list. 

Organic sugar scrubs are an excellent way to promote healthy glowing skin.

This set includes two jars of sugar scrub and a loofah pad with a strap on the back of it, so it can be held firmly.

The Christmas Cookie (blue) contains 7oz of sugar scrub.


* Christmas Cookie essential oil

* Coconut oil

* Jojoba oil

* Honey

* Organic raw pure cane sugar

The Peppermint (red) contains 7oz of sugar scrub.


* Goats Milk soap base

* Peppermint essential oil

* Coconut oil

* Vitamin E oil

* Organic raw pure cane sugar

Both scrubs come in beautiful glass jars and dipping spoons. The jars can later be upcycled for many uses.

The scrubs and loofah come ready to give in a Christmas gift bag.

Organic sugar scrubs provide so many healthy benefits for skin and make a great choice for Christmas.

**Use Caution. Due to the natural oils contained in the sugar scrubs, tub or shower may become slippery.