Our Top 5 Things We Can't Do Without, When Making Crafts

Our Top 5 Things We Can't Do Without, When Making Crafts


     It has been a tough week for us, but we made it, lol. We have been getting our seeds started so that they will be ready to plant in our garden this spring. We also  have 10 new baby chicks, in addition to the 14 we already have .( We have more in our incubator that are due to hatch on the first day of Spring).


     I do believe a have an addiction, lol. So, we have only had a little bit of time to craft. But hopefully things wills slow down and we can dive back into our " crafty life ".

    We did manage to add two new items to our listings. (We hope that you will "check them out" and let us know what you think. We would love your feedback and opinions!!! It helps let us know what our customers want.


     Since we have had such a busy week and didn't get to do a lot on crafting, the time we did manage to get to it was somewhat hectic. i was very frustrated the other day because I couldn't find any scissors. Although, we should have at least five pairs. Some seem to get lost or misplaced. Also, the kids will use them and do not always bring them back.

So.....that started me thinking about the TOP 5 things that I can not do without when I'm working on crafts.


      Here is my list:

  •      * Time would be my first choice. It doesn't matter (too much) if you have the materials and tools to work with, if you don't have the time.
  •      * Basic material for whatever craft I'm doing ( for example, wood for creating a sign or a wine glass I intend to paint ). This would be my second choice, of course.
  •      * Scissors would have to be my third choice. I get so absolutely frustrated trying to hunt down a pair of scissors, lol. I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but I would love to hear your comments.
  •      * Glue is next on my list. I've tried different types and brands and have learned (and still learning) through trial and error what works well and what doesn't work so well. Maybe you can also relate to this.
  •      * Paint Brushes. These are definitely "must have" tools for me. From large to small sizes and from flat bristle to round bristle.  I can not do without my brushes, lol.

      I could probably add more things to this list, but I decided to limit it to five or I would end up with a very, very long list, lol. 

      Looking back on all those times when I was ready to start a project ( or in the middle of one ) , I would get so frustrated when I couldn't find something I needed. You might be thinking....."she must be very unorganized", and that might have some truth to it, lol. But I think it's more that, I can put something down and five seconds later I can't remember where I put it, or I don't remember where I put it the day before. After I find what I'm looking for, then I can finally laugh at myself. If this happens to you, just remember you are not alone, lol.

      Anyway, I just felt like this was a subject that I needed to share. Please visit us often and follow our blog post. We have some interesting things coming up.      Have an absolutely wonderful day!!!!!!







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